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Saubermacher is your professional and reliable partner in all areas of waste management. We take responsibility for the environment and your company.


Zero Waste and Sustainability

We are convinced that we have to consider waste as a raw material: we could say that it is our key to the future. Even now, we process materials considered waste with a high recovery rate. However, our “zero waste” concept goes beyond this approach. We aim to be able to recover 100% of the waste generated by our partners, which would mean we would not leave future generations with this problem to solve.

»Every day, I am presented with new challenges and countless new ideas for greener recovery solutions. Excellent team and exemplary management!«

Gábor Horváth
Recycled Materials Dealer - Production Manager


Join our Team

Exciting tasks, large goals, and family values. Where people like going to work and where they like working. Where family and work can be reconciled, with the company’s support. Welcome to Saubermacher! We offer our motivated employees fairness, security, and true opportunities. There is only one thing missing: You.


»Saubermacher was founded with the aim of making a daily contribution to an environment worth living in.«

Hans Roth
Company Founder

Hans Roth


Together with his wife Margret, Hans Roth has created an international enterprise and in so doing has won a variety of awards. The environmental pioneer is committed not only to the future of Austrian and European resource management, but to social projects.

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