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About Our Company

The Saubermacher group has been a player on the Central European waste management market for several decades. Thanks to its dynamic development, the Group now has more than 30 offices and provides environmentally friendly services in 8 countries. As the subsidiary of Saubermacher AG, Saubermacher Magyarország Kft. is one of the leading waste management service providers in Hungary. We use our “Zero Waste” concept to help meet our environmental responsibility commitments, and we are a reliable partner that provides custom-tailored solutions and a full range of services in the area of waste management.

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Our Vision

Zero Waste

In the past, we have often proven that the future is close to our hearts. Our vision for a future with zero waste is a commitment to true sustainability. It is more than an idea: it is a practice we live every day. Ever newer ideas and cutting edge processing move us along the path to recovering and recycling important raw materials, and they may even provide the possibility for involving some new materials in the cycle. Everything is possible with our leading technologies, a first-class team, and close cooperation. Our “zero waste” solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs to ensure they provide an advantage for everyone involved – and especially the environment, people, and your company.

Our Mission

Innovations with environmental benefits

Thanks to the ongoing flow of new ideas and innovations, our own research and development, and our partnerships, we perform waste logistics tasks as well as the recovery and recycling of important raw materials. We use cutting-edge technologies and a first-class team to work closely with our customers and partners. Our Zero Waste solutions are meant for our customers and are advantageous for everyone. For the environment. For people. And for your company.

Az élhető környezetért

Our Philosophy

For the Viable Environment

We have proven again and again that the climate and environmental protection are important for us. We rely on three pillars: waste handling and waste recovery; the environmental protection of our own company, and environmental consultancy services. Thanks to our high rate of recovery, we save approximately 612,000 tons of emitted CO2 every year. This means that not only is Saubermacher climate-neutral, in many ways it is climate positive. We also rely on the automatic optimization of cycles, test alternative propulsion systems, and use 100% green electricity. Our sustainability consultancy services help companies increase their recycling ratios and decrease their environmental impact.

Our Mission

We take responsibility

For people

We consider it an important task to increase value for both our customers and the entirety of society. In the interest of this goal, we adapt flexibly to the requirements set by our partners. We offer innovative, tailored solutions for the people of both today and tomorrow. We want to be a dependable and fair employer for our employees. We appreciate people’s personalities and support both personal and professional development, offering a diverse variety of possibilities for cooperation.

for the Environment

We recognize the fact that our business activities affect both people and the environment. That’s why we do our best to return raw materials to the cycle of materials and protect our resources for future generations. Transparency and diligence are fundamental requirements in the handling and recovery services we offer. We use ongoing climate protection measures to support an ecological aware way of thinking.

The company

We take economic principles seriously and act prudently. We believe in effective process management throughout the entire value chain. We set clear goals and develop perspectives in the interest of successful ongoing development. The use of ongoing developments and cutting-edge technologies ensure we remain competitive and increases the company’s value.

We participate in shaping the future

For society, regions, and the environment

We consider it our social obligation to contribute meaningfully to the development of waste and recycled material management in Austria and Central and Southern Europe. As a leading company in the sector, we are able to use our knowledge to make significant contributions to the continued development of environmental protection norms. We cooperate actively in all waste management issues with legislators, R&D institutions, and public institutions, with whom we share our expertise. Our commitment and ideas provide a significant contribution to developing a livable environment.

Company history

It all started in 1979 with a company based on Hans and Margret Roth’s vision of a liveable environment, at a time when few people recognised the potential that lies in intelligent waste management solutions. The road that led from a small regional service provider to an international, multiple award-winning recycling and waste management company is an impressive one. However, the basis of the task has remained the same over these many years: focusing on people and the environment.


Roth-Umweltschutz Kft. (later renamed Saubermacher) is established in the city of Gnas, located in eastern Austria. The company soon became a prominent waste transport provider in the region.


Saubermacher’s first Hungarian subsidiary is established, called Saubermacher Magyarország Környezetvédelmi Szolgáltató Kft., with a seat in Budapest and sites in Kecskemét and Izsák.


Saubermacher-Pannonia Kft. is established in Nagykanizsa. Household waste transport services are started the same year, and a selective collection system using three categories is launched the same year.


Nagykanizsai Saubermacher Pannonia (N.S.P., at the time called N.S.R.) Kft. is established using a PPP model to manage the landfill site in Nagykanizsa.


Industrial waste transport services are launched in Kecskemét.


A joint company is established with the Local Government of Kecskemét, called Kecskeméti Regionális Hulladéklerakó Közszolgáltató Kft., to construct and operate a new landfill site.


Retail waste transport services are launched in the Izsák region.


Purchase of a 50% share in Zalai HUKE Kft.


Completion of the Nagykanizsa-Bagola regional landfill site.


Introduction of separate waste collection in the Izsák region.


They collect their waste separately – Kindergarteners learning about separate collection.


Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG purchases Rumpold AG, another Austrian company.


The Hungarian Pyrus-Rumpold Kft. is merged with Saubermacher Magyarország Környezetvédelmi Szolgáltató Kft. The successor company is called Saubermacher-Magyarország Kft.


Thanks to the merger, Saubermacher is able to expand its profile in the area of communal services, where it has traditionally had a good position, now encompassing the entire spectrum of waste management.


Zalai HUKE Kft. acquires majority ownership of Avar Ajka Kft., a service provider company in the city of Ajka.


The Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Site in Aszód-Galgamácsa celebrates 20 years of operations.


By purchasing an 80% share in Kristály 99 Kft., the company acquires majority ownership in the Kristály Group, further strengthening Saubermacher’s influence on the market of hazardous wastes.


Launch of the “Zero Waste” project.


Launch of the Online Portal.


The Group becomes a member of REDUX GmbH, a market leader in battery recovery.


Saubermacher moves to its new offices in Budaörs.


The first high-security hazardous waste landfill in Central Europe celebrates 30 years of operations in Galgamácsa.