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Exciting tasks, ambitious objectives and family values. Look forward to coming to work and getting involved. Where family and career are compatible and supported. Welcome to Saubermacher! We live fairness, safety and real opportunities for motivated people. There’s just one thing missing. You.

Vasiné László Krisztina (c) Saubermacher Magyarország

»I like this company because it gives me the opportunity to work in a youthful environment on projects that constantly challenge me in exciting ways, and encourages me to gain further relevant knowledge and experience related to my job. We work as a team with colleagues every day, and we enjoy spending time together outside working hours. Our leaders support us and recognise our work.

Mrs Krisztina Vasiné László
Environment and Quality Manager

»Every day, I am presented with new challenges and countless new ideas for greener recycling activities. An excellent team and exemplary management.«

Gábor Horváth
Commodity trader-Production manager
Pásztor Attila (c) Saubermacher Magyarország

»At Saubermacher, I feel that I am not an employee in the classic sense. This company is metaphorically my own business - the management motivates me in this, and the time and energy invested pays off in measurable ways for both parties. A liveable, light working environment and direct working relationships with colleagues contribute greatly to achieving this.«

Attila Pásztor
Customer Relationship Manager

»I work in a complex field with many challenges. I never stop before a task, because continuous cooperation with colleagues leads to success. We work in a direct atmosphere and develop processes, so there are no bad habits. I like that colleagues are open to new ideas. For me, it is very positive that I have been given the opportunity for further training. This has increased my expertise and allowed me to do my job more effectively and confidently.«

Eszter Nagy-Lénárt
HR Assistant

»I love the family working environment that welcomes me every day, working with helpful, practical and reliable colleagues.«

Tamás Vass
Operational coordinator
Báthoriné Szűcs Mónika (c) Saubermacher Magyarország

»I come to work every day happy and motivated. As an accountant, it's a complex job, but my helpful and professional colleagues make it all happen. I received all the help I needed from my direct colleagues from the very beginning, and I experienced a maximum attitude and a high level of professionalism from everyone. There is a real team effort in "finance". I'm glad to be here and I hope that I can continue to contribute to the success of the company for a long time to come.«

Mrs Mónika Báthoriné Szűcs
Lizicska Veronika (c) Saubermacher Magyarország

»I've been with the company for a few months now, and I've found a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere where I enjoy coming to work. The learning curve was easy, as I received all the help I needed from my colleagues, both professionally and personally. I am happy to be part of the team.«

Veronika Lizicska