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Disposal of acids and alkalis

We use cutting edge technologies in our own facilities to treat and dispose of waste acids and alkalis (e.g. cleaning agents, detergents, corrosive materials, galvanizers, etc.). We dispose of contaminants and return clean water to the natural cycle.

Our services

  • Removal of waste from the location of its origin in a manner that excludes the possibility of environmental pollution and using proper packaging materials.
  • Disposal and, if possible, pre-treatment of solid hazardous waste (for the purpose of recovery).
  • Provision of ADR-certified containers, transport vehicles, and special equipment
  • ADR consultancy
  • Laboratory testing
  • Sampling and analysis in our own accredited laboratory

The advantages for you

The exact identification of the waste is necessary for correct waste classification and recovery, e.g. based on laboratory tests. Thanks to Saubermacher, you are safe in this regard.

  • Complex service
  • Documentation in compliance with legislation
  • Technical consultancy in the preparation for the removal of wastes and selecting packaging materials
  • Flexibility and speed thanks to the use of our own laboratory

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