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Internal factory waste registration system

Saubermacher’s waste storage containers are fitted with unique barcode identifiers. These are scanned whenever they are emptied, and the data are stored in the CRS. This gives us a clear view of where each container is located, when it was emptied, how frequently it is emptied, etc. Thanks to this, we can see the exact location of each container, when and how often they were emptied and cleaned. We see the results in the form of a report, based on which we can optimize the logistics and the collection tools deployed. We can also trace the differences between the shifts, we see the status of the round trips live.

The advantages for you

  • Illustrates the difference in the performance of shifts
  • Real-time monitoring of the activities of cyclical processes
  • Possibility for subsequent follow-up checks
  • The support of new effectiveness-increasing strategies and methods
  • Useful information for employee evaluations

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