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Provision of waste collection containers

Saubermacher has an extensive stock of waste containers in various sizes and designs to ensure that the company’s partners can start using the storage container that is right for them as quickly as possible!

Our services

  • Installation of storage containers from own stocks or by way of orders
  • Standard waste containers from 120 to 1100 liters, in various color combinations, including for separate waste collection
  • Standard containers from 5 m3 to 30 m3 , with various designs: open, closed, ADR certified
  • Unique container designs (based on our own experiences or in line with partner requests)
  • Continuous development, ongoing search for and testing of new storage methods and equipment to identify the best possible efficiency and cost-effective services
  • Waste collection at the point of origin, selection and provision of the optimal storage solution, identification of the optimal emptying process, electronic tracking of emptying frequencies

The advantages for you

Relying on their many years of experience in the field, our contact persons provide our partners with the equipment most suited for the purpose, with an eye of the aspects of quality and efficiency.

  • We strive for the most optimal solution, searching for and recommending the formulas that best meet our partners’ requirements
  • Thanks to our available stocks, we are able to respond quickly to the requests of our partners
  • Ongoing developments, quick and efficient emptying of containers in production areas, including in clean room conditions and the automotive industry, with a focus on work safety and quality requirements
  • Full liability for the sustainability and functionality of the process

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