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Reclamation of solvents

Solvent mixtures are water pollutants, flammable, explosive, and harmful to health to varying degrees, depending on their components. Saubermacher’s experts and accredited laboratories support you in correct waste utilization. Based on the tests performed, we can provide for the cycles of solvents within our Zero Waste concept. We remove solvents that end up as waste, and then return them to your facility after reclamation and quality improvement as necessary.

Our services

  • Tailored advice from our experienced experts
  • Special vehicles and containers for the removal of wastes
  • Professional processing in cutting edge processing facilities
  • Professional ADR logistics (marking, accompanying documents)
  • Sampling and analysis in accredited laboratories
  • Legally compliant and ecofriendly recovery and disposal
  • Development of complex offers: removal of used solvents, return of reclaimed solvents

The advantages for you

Based on the different chemical composition and hazardous potential of solvent mixtures, the technical assistance provided by experts is especially important in connection with transport and disposal. We can improve your environmental and financial results by the reclamation and circular economy of the suitable solvents.

  • Safe waste management thanks to our own warehouse and facility network
  • Decades of experience in the management of hazardous wastes
  • Large degree of flexibility and speed thanks to the use of our own laboratory
  • Comprehensive services

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