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Zero Waste solutions

The best waste is the waste that is not produced. With its “zero waste” solutions, Saubermacher supports you in avoiding the production of waste. Taking into account the legislative provisions that govern the classification of waste as by-products, we have developed a Zero Waste concept by identifying the possibilities offered by technology. These can significantly improve your company’s environmental protection results and cost efficiency.

Our services

  • Official classification of waste as a by-product
  • Assessment of material flows
  • Wastewater treatment consultancy
  • Optimization of chemical and cleaning agent use
  • Disposal concepts according to customer needs
  • Development of Zero Waste concepts
  • Presentation of possibilities for optimization

The advantages for you

The Saubermacher team supports you in the responsible and ecofriendly handling of waste produced, and provides you with possibility for savings.

  • Improvement of resource efficiency
  • Presentation of savings possibilities
  • Responsible management and environmental liability
  • Contributing to climate protection targets

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